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Improvise a new experience.

Jazz Band is a new experience for our more mature instrumental musicians.  Learning the rhythms, scales, chords, and styles of Jazz allows students to explore this fun and engaging music genre.


Due to the technical demands involved in syncopation, improvisation, and complex theory, students must be age 12 or older, and already be a member of one of our other instrumental ensembles (some exceptions made for students in the rhythm section:  electric/bass guitar, keyboard, and drum set)


Instruments Included in Jazz Band:


Flute & Clarinet;  Alto, Tenor, and Bari Sax;  

Trumpet, Trombone

Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Drum Set


Jazz Band is $40 per semester, with Cadet or Concert Band registration

Band students will be responsible for purchasing or renting their own instruments, instrument care kits, reeds (if applicable), and a Jazz band method book (Standard of Excellence series).

JAZZ BAND (12:45-1:30)

Experienced Students age 12 or older

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