A foundation in music theory, right at their fingertips.

The tin whistle (also called the pennywhistle or Irish flute) is a simple 6-holed wind instrument in the same family as the recorder. The easy fingering system makes the tin whistle an ideal instrument to learn simple music notation, easily transferring that knowledge to other instruments as the child matures.  Even young children can learn to play songs and perform them in an ensemble setting.


Students in this class will learn:

  • Proper playing posture and hand position

  • Essentials of proper articulation, breath support, and tin whistle tone to produce a pleasing sound

  • Beginning music notation, including:  Treble clef staff notes and note names, time signatures, whole, half, quarter, and eighth rhythms, dynamics, and tempo markings

  • A variety of music styles, including simple children's songs, hymns, traditional and folk music, as well as music from other cultures

  • Beginning ear training


All Tin Whistle classes are $50 per semester

Students must purchase their own tin whistle, in the key of D.  Most tin whistles are in the $8-$16 range.  




All instructional material will be provided by the teacher.

Download the Tin Whistle Songbook Here:

TIN WHISTLE (Thursdays, 9:00-9:30 on Zoom)

For students ages 7-Adult

Provides the opportunity for children to learn basic music note reading, rhythm, and performance through the use of simple songs and exercises, folk songs, hymns, and common tunes. 

No previous experience necessary.

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