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All Choir classes will be $80 for Fall semester

CHILDREN'S CHOIR (9:00-9:45)

For students ages 5-8

Provides the opportunity for younger children to learn to sing in a choir using unison, two-part, and partner songs in order to develop both their ear and voice.  

No previous experience necessary.

CADET CHOIR (10:30-11:15)

For students ages 9-12

Students will sing a variety of choral literature in two- and three-part harmony in styles appropriate for their age group and skill level.  Emphasis on developing proper vocal technique.  

No previous experience necessary.

CONCERT CHOIR (1:15-2:00)

Ages 13+

Using a variety of literature in four-part harmony, students will further develop their voices and musicianship skills through sight-singing, theory, and choral repertoire.  

No previous experience necessary.

TROUVÈRES (2:45-3:30)

Our premiere, audition-only ensemble for serious students ages 13 and older. This group of 15-20 students performs challenging A Cappella literature for our Christmas and spring concerts as well as WSMA festival performances and additional opportunities around the community.

By Audition Only. Previous experience required.


Musical development in a positive setting at an affordable price

The Valley Troubadours uses the VOICE FOR LIFE curriculum, which has been designed by the Royal School of Church Music. This program is specifically designed for choirs that meet only once or twice per week. As an all-inclusive vocal music education program, the VOICE FOR LIFE curriculum has four levels.  Within each level are four distinct learning modules which include:

Learning the Voice Well, Musical Skills, Understanding Repertoire, and Belonging to the Choir  

Students in Choir will:

  • acquire a foundation in vocal technique & music theory

  • sing a variety of choral repertoire to develop a well-rounded singer.

  • develop correct posture & breath control needed to support choral tone.

  • understand the beat and rhythm.

  • work with other students as an ensemble

  • follow conducting gestures regarding style, expression, volume, & tempo

  • be able to read and perform quarter, half, and whole note rhythms.

  • learn choral pieces in preparation for the semester concert

  • enjoy making music with friends in a relaxed, encouraging atmosphere

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