Valley Troubadours Drama Troupe

2021 Drama Class

Directors:  Heather Neumann & Schawn Starfeldt


Sept. 17 - 3:15-5:00
Oct. 1 - 3:15-5:00
Oct. 15 - 3:15-5:00
Oct. 29 - 3:15-TBD
Nov. 5 - 5:30-TBD
Nov. 12 - 3:15-TBD
Nov. 19 - 5:30-TBD
Thanksgiving week: TBA
Dec. 3 - 5:30-TBD

Performance of One Act Show: TBA
$100 per student (not subject to Family Cap)

What is the Valley Troubadours Drama Troupe?

Who we Are:

Introducing The Valley Troubadours Drama Troupe. A team of students, directed by Heather Neumann and Schawn Starfeldt in the exploration of theatrical experiences.

Our Troupe is a TEAM dedicated to diving into drama by creating characters, evoking emotions, & growing as a GROUP!


What Will be Involved?

After Music Classes

  • Weekly homework - memorization, study (less than a couple hours per week)

  • Biweekly meetings (on Fridays) Sept-Oct, Weekly meeting Nov-Dec

  • Start Date - Sept. 17

  • Performance of a final, polished work: One Act Show at the end of the semester

  • Work on developing acting/performance skills

  • Develop connections with an audience

Who Can Participate?

Students 14 and older

For students, 14 and up, who are interested and dedicated in growing their acting abilities. This is only available for a small number (about 12-16) of students due to the nature of the class/activity. Therefore, there will be auditions and unfortunately, not everyone may get in.

* As this is an opportunity for Troubadours, students MUST be enrolled in A Cappella Choir or Concert Band for fall semester as a prerequisite.


Everyone must prepare a Monologue

  • Sign up for an audition time

  • Everyone must prepare and perform a Monologue (more information at link above)

  • Cost - $100 (to be paid at registration after accepting)

  • Only ONE (1) absence is allowed per semester