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New!  Intro to Theater Class

Come explore all about Interp and Drama with Heather Neumann and Schawn Starfeldt. Together they brought thousands of students through their process, called the Art of Interpretation.

Students will study some playwrights, learn how to create characters, find inspiration through theater, and so much more.


This will be a one semester (12 weeks) exploration, and promises to be an engaging and encouraging adventure into the world of interpretation, drama, and theater.

Students will have hands-on applications to stretch and grow and learn more about the art of interpretation. There will be a showcase at the end of the semester.

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Mondays at Belfry Hall

(900 N. Mason St, Appleton) 


12 Week Class Starts

Monday, February 6th





12 and up


Minimum of Students  10 





Heather Neumann

Heather Neumann has been a home educator for over 25 years. Her focus has been instructing the art of communication, through Drama Productions, as well as Speech and Debate. She has been blessed to have coached thousands of students both locally and nation-wide, including National Championship speakers. She loves teaching drama and helping students to better understand people, the situations they are in, and how they can connect and relate to them. She aims to empower students to grow in a variety of ways whether it’s understanding characters, their emotions, or finding an inner voice. Heather says, “There is a power your voice has. It has the ability to make a lasting impact, all you have to do is use it.” In addition to directing, coaching, and teaching, Heather has self authored and adapted two plays- Pride and Prejudice and A Christmas Carol.

Schawn Starfeldt

Schawn Starfeldt has been working with students in communications and theater arts for over two decades. She received a degree in English from Concordia University, Chicago where she was active in both music and theater arts programs. She brought literature to life as an English teacher and built a theater program from the ground up at Lutheran High School, San Antonio, Texas. From directing full-length high school productions to children’s Christmas programs, she has encouraged students of all ages to grow in their skills. Coaching and encouragement quickens the creative process and creates accomplished communicators. She believes that the skills students acquire in these environments can be used in diverse ways for a greater purpose. Her greatest passion is encouraging students in their faith journey. In her own career, she has written and led small group Bible studies, and written and spoken at women’s retreats for over 20 years. She considers her role as wife and homeschooling mom her greatest and best vocation.

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