Larry De Groot


9:00 am-1:00 pm

LARRY DE GROOT has been playing the guitar since he was a teen. He traveled and played in various bands for 15 years. He then served on a worship team and was part of a Christian band. Soon after, he served as a worship leader for over 20 years and has written and recorded songs. Electric, acoustic, and bass guitars (along with drums & harmonica) are among the instruments he has played.  Over 20 years of teaching experience!

PRIVATE LESSONS starting in the fall. Learn acoustic guitar, strumming, finger picking, notes & chords, and to play by ear. Each weekly lesson is a half an hour. Cost is $15.00 per lesson. Payments are made on a monthly basis. Openings are on Fridays; running at the same time and place as The Valley Troubadours.

SIGN-UP early - space is limited. Call 920-687-2699 or use the form below: