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Hello, Dolly!

Hello, Dolly! is the story of a matchmaker, Mrs. Dolly Levi, and her efforts to marry Horace Vandergelder, the well-known half-a-millionaire, and send his money circulating among the people like rainwater! Along the way she also succeeds in matchmaking for three young couples in the story. The show comes alive with small group numbers and large ensemble dances. There are numerous opportunities for growth in song, dance, and acting. Did we mention dancing? It’s an exuberant and irresistible story of the joy of living, glittering with upbeat songs and magnetic characters audiences will love. Join in this awesome opportunity to be a part of a spectacular show with the Troubadours family.

Audition Packet

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For all things audition/musical related, please open the Audition Packet and read thoroughly.

Audition Monologues & Scenes

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These monologues and scenes have been pulled from the Audition Packet for easy printing and reference.


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Audition Songs

All auditionees will be asked to prepare two song selections.   

Memorization is not necessary, but is helpful when working on the inflection and emotion of the song.

Please note: We are singing in keys that are different from the Original Broadway musical, as they are better suited for the High School Level.

NOTE: None of the pdf accompaniments are exactly like the karaoke versions.  Please use the pdfs as a guide.  Thank you for being flexible!


Females:  “Before the Parade Passes By”

***ALL ladies are to sing the song ONE OCTAVE LOWER THAN WRITTEN








Males:  “Hello, Dolly”

***ALL gentlemen are to sing the song ONE OCTAVE LOWER THAN WRITTEN

(Use the first minute of the video. It is a whole step lower than the sheet music - that's okay.)




All Students: “Put On Your Sunday Clothes”

Please sing in your octave - FIRST VERSE ONLY.  Start accompaniment video at the 2:25 mark.

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