Henle Prep I&II

Be ready for first year Henle Latin!


Henle Prep I:  Mondays, 10-10:45

Henle Prep II: Thursdays, 11-11:45

$75 per Semester (includes workbook and instructional materials from www.henleprep.com)


Ages 10 and older


Parents are free (and encouraged to learn alongside their student!), but may wish to purchase an additional workbook for $27.00

Please visit www.henleprep.com


Description from the Henle Prep website:  "Each unit in the Volume I workbook focuses on one of the five Latin noun declensions.  Each unit includes several lessons, a review lesson, a quiz, and a fun activity which combines everything learned in that unit.  At the end of each workbook are a few appendices, including a master vocabulary chart and a master declension chart."


We will work through the text, completing Volume I by the end of the school year.  We will also offer Henle Prep II on Thursdays.


"Henle Prep Workbooks were created for the student who has a solid English grammar background.  The students should know their parts of speech and how they are used in a sentence.  If the student has not mastered these concepts, then a good review of English grammar is necessary before working through this book.  A very limited review of English grammar is included at the beginning of each volume. It would also be helpful (but not essential) that the student has memorized the Latin noun declension endings.  This is not required but a good suggestion before proceeding through either workbook.


Each unit of the Volume I workbook teaches one of the Latin noun declensions.  Volume II reviews the concepts of Latin noun declensions and builds on these principles to teach Latin adjectives and prepositions."  


"Each lesson has the same or similar structure:


  1. Review Question to review the previous lesson’s content

  2. Explanation of the current lesson and concept(s) to be studied

  3. Vocabulary terms and declension endings to be studied

  4. “Let’s Practice” section to practice applying what is being studied

  5. Challenge Questions for those who want more of a challenge (but not required)"


We are especially grateful to Rebecca Klein for developing such a valuable resource for our Latin learning community!

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