Hi! My name is Jennifer Horak and I am a local piano teacher, wife to Jordan, mom of 3, homeschooler, and a lover-of-long-solo-piano-playing-sessions. For me, taking piano lessons as a child meant sitting on my teacher’s piano bench for a half hour and playing whatever music she placed in front of me. Although I was initially mostly indifferent to learning to play the piano, I eventually reached a level where I began to enjoy it. In fact, I enjoyed it so much and spent so much time playing the piano that I decided to pursue it at the college level. I attended a small Bible college in northern Wisconsin and received a Bachelor's degree in piano performance there. In high school, college, and during the first few years of my marriage, I taught a few piano lessons and played piano extensively in churches; for choirs, soloists, and vocal groups; and at weddings and other events. I took several years “off” from performing and teaching when God blessed us with 3 children. I became a stay-at-home mom and eventually began homeschooling. When I decided to begin teaching piano lessons again, I had gained a completely different perspective of teaching children than I had in my pre-parenting years!


I have been back in the private piano teaching scene for the past 4 years now, and I’ve come to believe that

the standard piano lesson format could use a makeover. Learning to play piano is so much more than just being able to read notes written on a page. I want my students to have the tools they need to improvise, compose, read lead sheets, and to have the confidence to pursue whatever style of music they enjoy. And, I'd love for them to enjoy the process, so I insert a little fun wherever I can!


One thing I keep hearing from parents is how much their young children love music, and want to learn to play an instrument. My hope is to offer these mini musicians the opportunity to explore that innate love of music in a way that will prepare them for piano (or another instrument) when they’re older through a musical experience that is fun, engaging, and social.

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