Dear Troubadours:

After a great deal of research, prayer, and consideration, I have decided to move forward with offering in-person (Badger Meeting House, or BMH) ensembles on Fridays.  Due to the construction on Harris St., our first FOUR rehearsals will take place outdoors (weather permitting) at my home in Greenville (W7771 Spring Rd.).  We plan on resuming in-person rehearsals at the BMH on October 9. I am also offering a concurrent ONLINE option for families who cannot meet or are uncomfortable with meeting in person.

We are making the following Improvements and Changes to the BMH:

  • Increased fresh air circulation/vents (especially downstairs in the band room and bathrooms, which will involve fixing/replacing windows and the installation of vents and a temperature-controlled fresh-air exchange)

  • A rotation of cleaning throughout the day

  • Hand-sanitizer stations

  • The addition of live-feed cameras upstairs and downstairs, including a microphone (or lapel mic) for me to offer an online option for families (either full- time participants or if a family member is sick/is not comfortable with in-person at any point in the semester)

  • The drinking fountain will not be available for use (please bring water bottles marked with student’s name)

Other In-Person (BMH) Considerations/Changes:

  • Mask wearing will follow state/local mandates, if extended past the end of September (brass/woodwind players will not be required to wear a mask while actively playing their instruments). If mandates are not in place, families are free to decide their own comfort-level for choir, and when not playing an instrument.

  • To the greatest extent possible, parents are to drop-off/pick-up to limit number of people in the building

  • If the weather is acceptable, please socialize outdoors (safely, and with respect to the property and neighborhood)

  • Music folders for each student in each ensemble will be distributed at the beginning of the semester (to avoid the hand-out/collection situation). I will need parents’ assistance in helping students care for and remember their folders

  • Accompaniment recordings/music pdfs will be available for all choir students (online & in-person) for at-home practice

Online (Live Feed) Considerations:

  • Keep in mind that the ONLINE (Live Feed) will not be interactive like Zoom. It will be dependent upon the student participating along with our rehearsal (similar to live feed church services and the like)

  • Students are just as much a part of the ensemble as BMH students, and will need to learn their music along with their ensembles.

  • Accompaniment recordings/music pdfs will be available for all choir students (BMH & ONLINE) for at-home practice

  • At this time, recordings of rehearsals may not be available.


  • Registration closes on August 31

  • I am limiting the total number of students to 250. This total number will include in-person (BMH) and live feed (ONLINE) numbers combined

  • All families who are to attend BMH at any time must agree to the Health Safety Rules

  • Students who register for the ONLINE option can attend BMH, if they decide to do so at any time in the semester

  • Students who register for BMH can attend using ONLINE, if they decide to do so at any time in the semester

  • Additional ONLINE opportunities may be made available (without the option of attending at the BMH)

  • All BMH families understand that attendance is subject to changes in state or local laws or ordinances, or at the discretion of the Director.

  • In the event the Valley Troubadours can no longer meet at the BMH, all rehearsals will move to Zoom Meeting (like the end of last semester).

  • Please understand that I cannot, at this time, plan for an in-person Christmas concert as in past years. We may be able to be creative with recording and/or broadcasting one, if an in-person concert is not possible

  • The cost for either option (BMH or ONLINE) is the same. Choirs are still $80 per student, Bands $100 per student, Jazz Band $25, (Tin Whistle class is still TBD), and the Family Cap is $325 for the semester

  • Additional information concerning Beginning Band is forthcoming

  • Semester fees are non-refundable

  • Scholarships are available upon request.

*To assist in decision-making, daily registration numbers will be posted each morning on the Home Page of the Valley Troubadours website until registration closes.

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