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Dear Troubadours:

We are moving forward in the Fall with in-person (Badger Meeting House, or BMH) ensemble rehearsals. I will also continue to offer a concurrent ONLINE (Livestream) option for families who cannot meet or are uncomfortable with meeting in person.

About the BMH Facility:

  • New, high-quality filters are used in the air system in the upstairs choir room sanctuary.  Fans will run continuously, circulating the air in the room multiple times an hour.

  • Newly-installed vents and a temperature-controlled fresh-air exchange are in use in band room, nursery, and rest rooms downstairs.  Fresh air will circulate and turn over multiple times an hour

  • Live-feed cameras are used upstairs and downstairs to offer an online option for families (either full- time participants or if a family member is sick/is not comfortable with in-person at any point in the semester)

Other In-Person (BMH) Considerations/Changes:

  • Families are free to decide their own comfort-level for mask-wearing.

  • To the greatest extent possible, parents are to drop-off/pick-up to limit number of people in the building

  • If the weather is acceptable, please socialize outdoors (safely, and with respect to the property and neighborhood). Parents, please assist in supervising children.  If another parent is assisting in supervising students, please tell your children to be respectful to the adults on campus.

Online (Livestream) Considerations:

  • Keep in mind that the ONLINE (Livestream) will not be interactive like Zoom. It will be dependent upon the student participating along with our rehearsal (similar to livestream church services and the like)

  • Students are just as much a part of the ensemble as BMH students, and will need to learn their music along with their ensembles.

Additional Considerations:​​

  • Students who have registered for BMH can attend with LIVESTREAM, if they decide to do so at any time in the semester

  • Semester fees are non-refundable.

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