Grades: 4-8 ~ Time Period: 1800s London ~ Running Time: 55 minutes

Bring the past to life with this musical adaptation of the classic Charles Dickens tale. Young Oliver Twist finds adventure and intrigue with Fagin, Bill Sikes, the Artful Dodger, Nancy and all the other young street urchins.

This musical features an expanded script and eight original songs.

Performances (possibly 2, matinee and evening) are scheduled for Saturday, June 5.


Total Cast (speaking roles): 23+

Female: 4   Males: 9   Either: 10

Full Chorus:  25+


  • It's A Grand Life

  • What Do You Do

  • Just Leave Everything To Me

  • Welcome To The Family

  • That Boy Is Nothing But Trouble

  • Bill Sikes

  • Close Your Eyes

  • It's A Beggar's Life For Me 

  • Finale

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