Wednesdays at 9:45-10:30  or  10:45-11:30

September 11, 2019 - May 13, 2020

$15/Lesson (Payments made monthly)


Why Preschool Piano Lessons?


For Patterns

Patterns are found throughout music of all types. As they study music, young children learn to recognize patterns visually and aurally. Cultivating this ability also has a very positive effect on learning math and reading.


For Movement

Music lessons help children develop hand-eye coordination, finger dexterity, and fine motor skills. Young children exposed to purposeful musical instruction develop an enhanced sense of rhythm.


For Grit

Studying music fosters persistence and grit. Young children who experience first-hand through music lessons the intrinsic reward of mastering skills through dedication and hard work, develop a growth mindset that will impact their lives in other areas as well.


For FUN!

Learning music is FUN! Playing music is FUN! And doing that with friends in group lessons multiplies the FUN!


These preschool piano lessons are the perfect first introduction to music lessons for your child. We will explore music and the piano through improvisation, songs, and games. We will also listen actively and move to music. We will be introduced to the piano keys, develop reading skills, and learn about rhythm notation.


Designed to be no-pressure and no- to low-practice (there will be some suggestions for those parents/children who want something to work on between lessons), you do not even need to have a piano at home for your child to take part in these piano lessons.


Structure Of The Class

  • Weekly 45-minute classes.

  • Small groups, just 6-8 students, so children get the individual attention they need to thrive.

  • Each weekly class involves singing, moving, improvising and learning about music through games.

  • Parents normally do not stay for this class (kids often find their own parents a bit distracting!) but are welcome to sit in whenever they want. Some students may need this in the first few weeks to ease the transition.


For Registration, please contact Jennifer Horak:

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