Sing & Sign


Elementary Students ~ Whole Family

Our Curriculum:

The Signing Time Curriculum, geared towards students ages 5-10, is organized around a dozen or more signs per unit & contains fun activities for sign language practice!


Week 1:   School Words
Week 2:   Colors 
Week 3:   Feelings 
Week 4:   Alphabet 
Week 5:   Numbers 
Week 6:   Getting Along 

Week 7:   Family 
Week 8:   Outside/Seasons 
Week 9:   Eat and Drink 
Week 10: Fruits and Vegetables 
Week 11: Days of the Week 
Week 12: Pets 
Week 13: Animals/Zoo Animals


Classes will include:


  • Lists of signs taught in each unit

  • Audio visual resources

  • Brief articles & useful hints for using sign language at home.

  • Games and Activities: Activities with educational merit that provide opportunities for sign language practice. 

  • Poems and Songs: Practice signs with simple poems & tunes.

  • Sing and sign along with scripture songs & kids' songs 

  • Children's books relevant to topics.

  • Flash Card Sheets:  246 black-and-white sign flash cards!

(Each student can have his or her own set for home practice!)

  • A Certificate of Achievement 

As classes progress, it is our hope to add more advanced courses through high school for a full ASL language curriculum!

45-minute weekly classes are $50 per student per semester

(parents and accompanied younger children, under 5, are free!)

Classes are on Thursday mornings, 9:00-9:45, at the Badger Meeting House

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