Sing & Sign: $80

American Sign Language through lessons and fun activities for kids 4-8

MONDAYS - 9:45-10:30

Signing Time K-3 brings American Sign Language (ASL) into a group setting. Through 16 themed units, students ages 4-8 learn ASL vocabulary through physical movement, fun games, catchy songs, and other activities. 


Signing can help students become more engaged in learning. With fun visual, kinesthetic, & auditory components, sign language activates a multi-sensory learning experience. Studies show that when words are presented through sign language, students’ scores on vocabulary tests are significantly higher than non-signing peers.


Capitalize on  learning strengths

Children learn in different ways and through a variety of strengths. ASL taps into tactile (touch), auditory, visual, and kinesthetic (movement) ways of communicating, making it highly accessible for just about any young learner. 

kids of all abilities

Signing & Special Needs:

ASL is a wonderful way to enhance communication for kids with Autism, Down Syndrome, and Speech Delays.

Learning ASL for the last 15 years has been an incredible benefit to our family & our 16 year old daughter with non-verbal Autism

*Class ages are flexible to accommodate students with special needs

learning across subject areas

Sign language can be used all throughout a curriculum. Read a book and sign the words you know, or use your signing number skills to support concepts like learning to count, addition, and subtraction. And of course – sing! All of Signing Time’s materials are set to music that children love.