If building, driving, and programming robots sounds fun, VEX IQ is for you!  

For Elementary and Middle School students ages 8-12

(This is a Valley Home Schoolers opportunity.  Membership in Valley Home Schoolers required.)

Do you have a child that loves to design, build, perform, make new friends, study English, make videos, play on social media, work with electronics, take pictures, design games, make websites, research things, put those reasoning skills to good use or solve puzzles?

If you answered YES to any of these, VHS Robotics is for you! 

What do Parents think about Robotics?

"Beyond the fun of building and programming, robotics has been an avenue for our son to learn interpersonal skills. His experience this first year of robotics has given him a great boost in self-confidence, helping him mature by leaps and bounds. You simply cannot teach these skills from a textbook."
-Betsy N. Mom of Jonah, age 9

“Our child has participated in the VHS robotics program for six years, and it has proven to be an academic and social blessing. The robotics program has helped our child increase confidence, expand problem solving skills, shape communication, and provide a Christ-centered environment to build relationships and social skills.”

–Nichole H. Mom of Cole, age 16

“Robotics enhances our homeschool education greatly. My children have gained software, engineering,presentation, and marketing skills outside my skill set. They have learned how to work with a team duringsuccess and failure. I’m thankful that they are learning how to handle conflict in sometimes stressful situations,and practice humility and communication skills regularly. Each team not only helps other teams, they volunteer in the community! Finally, the reliance on God and prayer is more than icing on the cake. Because ithas so many different aspects, it isn’t just for programmers or builders. There is a place for anyone who wantsto improve their skills for the future.”
–Kerri S. Mom to Kate, age 15 & Jack, age 13

"When a person can find a platform that directly complements a child's strengths and interests, they're forever grateful. VEX Robotics has provided an integral part of our homeschool curriculum, providing a WIDE range of skill training--updated computer technology, problem solving, communication and teamwork, to name a few-- that can give students an edge in post-high school endeavors, no matter what that path may look like."
- Paula Q. Mom of Evan, age 14