$15.00/30 minutes (band)

$20.00/30 minutes (oboe)

Lesson Studio - Band

Saturdays 9 a.m. - noon

Cathy LaFrombois is an accomplished oboist (formerly with the Green Bay, Oshkosh, and Fox Valley Symphonies), with a specialty in woodwind pedagogy.  With a degree in both music education and performance from the DePaul University School of Music, Cathy has been a performer and educator for over 25 years.


PRIVATE LESSONS will begin on Saturdays in the fall. Each lesson is 30 minutes. Cost is $15.00 per lesson for general band lessons and $20.00 per lesson for oboe students. Payments are made per lesson and can be deposited in the payment DROPBOX in the lobby of the Badger Meeting House..


Need extra help with band music? Sign up for a drop-in lesson as needed.  

6 openings on Saturdays. 

Cathy LaFrombois

$/30 minutes

Lesson Studio - Flute

Days/Times TBA


The Badger Meeting House is looking to provide flute lessons from a qualified instructor.  If you have an interest in teaching flute at our facility, please contact the Valley Troubadours for more information about available times and studio rental prices.

If you have a flute student interested in private flute lessons, please contact us to stay posted on developments.

Coming Soon