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Solo & Ensemble
Wisconsin School Music Association

WSMA Solo & Ensemble draws in more than 100,000 students each year, representing every county in the state of Wisconsin!  Through the Solo & Ensemble experience, students learn the discipline of rehearsal, are challenged to advance their musical skills, perform in front of an audience and adjudicator, and receive feedback on their performance. 

District Solo & Ensemble Festivals:

location:  APPLETON EAST high school
Voice & Piano: saturday, february 22
instrumental: saturday, march 1

About Solo & Ensemble Festivals

About the Process

Music Selection

Students and their teachers choose a musical selection from the WSMA Festival Music List to study. Students will need to purchase two copies of their solo (one for the student and one for the Adjudicator).  The list is divided into three difficulty levels, called ‘classes.’

Class C – Entry level. For students in their first/second years of study
Class B – Experienced level. For students in their second/third/fourth years of study
Class A – Advanced level.

*Directors may choose the appropriate level for their student.

Rehearsal & Registration

Rehearsal - Students learn about and rehearse their chosen selection.  If preparing an accompanied solo, students are encouraged to find a piano accompanist for rehearsal and performance. Students should allow a minimum of 2 months' practice before the performance date (including at least 2 rehearsals with their accompanist).  Scheduling a time with your Director is also encouraged.

Registration - Solo & Ensemble registration is completed online by Directors from WSMA member schools (Valley Troubadours is a member "school."). Solo & Ensemble registration is completed online through WSMA. 

At Festival

  • Students arrive at Festival site 45 minutes prior to scheduled time, dressed in recital-appropriate attire (dress pants, collared shirt & tie or blouse, dress, or skirt & blouse), locate accompanist, find warm-up room to store coats/cases, and warm up voice or instrument.

  • Students report to the performance room 10 minutes prior to the assigned time.

  • Students will bring music/score (with measures numbered) and will give one copy to the Adjudicator

  • Students introduce themselves, their accompanist, and their selection (including title, composer, and one interesting fact or something learned), then perform.

  • The adjudicator will provide a written and verbal critique of the performance and award a rating based on defined criteria. (Rating 1 = highest, rating 5 = lowest).

  • Students who receive a 1* rating on a Class A solo or ensemble will then advance to the State Festival

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