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About Us

The Valley Troubadours LLC (Appleton, WI) first held classes in the Fox Valley in the fall of 2013.  The program was developed by music teacher and homeschool mom, Cathy LaFrombois, to give home educated (homeschool & virtual school) students an opportunity to learn in an ensemble setting, meet new friends, and develop skills for a lifetime of music enjoyment, appreciation, and worship.

The Valley Troubadours meets at Belfry Hall

at 900 N. Mason St., Appleton, WI 


Ensembles are for students 5 and older.  

7 choirs (Children's, Cadet, Choristers, Concert, Jr. & Sr. Show Choir, & Trouvères),

4 bands (Beginning, Cadet, Jazz, and Concert), 6 Strings Classes (Beginning & Strings II, 2 Ukulele and 2 Guitar) Drama & Theater, and additional classes are offered for various fine arts needs /experience levels.

Our Mission

The Valley Troubadours Boosters, Inc is a 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Nonprofit Organization whose mission is to support, assist, encourage, advocate, and promote music education within The Valley Troubadours LLC Homeschool Music Program and the Fox Valley Area. 

The Valley Troubadours, LLC is a Christian organization. Due to the diversity of faith and practice in our Troubadours community, we ask that all students are modest, respectful, and conservative in both dress and behavior commensurate with a Christian academic environment when participating in Troubadours activities.

Although it is not required for students to be Christian in order to participate in the Valley Troubadours, all curriculum, repertoire, class management, and policy decisions will reflect, or at a minimum not directly contradict, a Christian worldview.  As we seek to glorify God and show Christian love and respect in all that we do, these decisions are under the sole discretion of the Valley Troubadours.

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