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(Thursdays - 1:30-2:30)



Our new, audition-only ensemble for serious high school students ages 14 and older. This group of students performs challenging contemporary, pop, jazz, and rock literature for our Christmas and spring concerts as well as WSMA festival performances and additional opportunities around the community. Students will incorporate choreography, costumes, and props into their performances. Auditions will be held in the Spring. This ensemble is not included in the Family Cap.

By Audition Only. Concert Choir/Trouvéres Registration required for participation.

Congratulations to Our 2023-2024 Show Choir Ensemble!



Layla Czechanski

Hope Malueg

Elliana Perkins

Lindsey Russ

Morgan Sokel


Elliana Fochs

Anna Lindsay

Annika Quiñones

Charli Ritter

Johanna Vandenberg


Matthew Chase

Trystan McGlone

Ethan Nielsen

Malachi Perkins

Blake Rosenau

Jeremiah Vandenberg

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