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Spring Classes


* To register for our new Drama classes (Exploring Drama Fridays 12:45-1:30 and Individual Interpretive Drama/Interp

Thursdays 12:30-1:30) simply contact our Registrar at the link below and list student(s) name to add.  Your account will be updated with the new class information, and payment can be made through your account.

Drama Plus - Jr High Musical

Spring - Musical: The Greatest Show - Thursdays 2:00-4:00pm

Ages - 12 - 14

An introduction to the fundamental principles and tools of acting as used in auditions, rehearsals, and performances. This may include ensemble performing, character and script analysis, and basic theater terminology. This exploration will emphasize the development of the actor’s instrument: voice, body, and imagination, culminating in a spring musical performance.


High School Troubadours Players

Spring - Musical - Hello, Dolly!

*Students who wish to participate in the musical second semester must be in Concert Choir or Trouvères first semester

Fridays mornings and afternoons after 3:15

An audition drama troupe with the emphasis of a spring performance. 

Auditions - Dec. 2023 (for ages 14 and up)

Performance Week - May 6-12, 2024

New Drama Class for Ages 8-11

Exploring Drama

Fridays 12:45-1:30, Jan. 20-Apr. 7

Ages - 8-11

By popular demand! An introduction to the fun, fun, fun of drama! Students will explore the elements it takes to be on stage (although no final performance will be scheduled)! Our goal will be to help students unleash their imagination, gain confidence in speaking and movement through theater games and activities. Our exploration will emphasize the development of the actor’s instruments:

voice, body, and imagination.

$80, max 25 students

New Drama Class for Ages 11+

Individual Interpretive Drama/Interp

Thursdays 12:30-1:30, Jan 19-Apr 7

Ages 11+


Come work on your individual acting skills, by digging deeper into characters, literature, and acting. Learn how to cut a piece of literature or create their own story and act and perform it. This class will work on individual skills, as well as some interactive work. Students will grow into more confident actors and speakers. 

$100, max 20 students

Instructor - Heather Neumann 

Fall Classes

Speech 101/Public Speaking

Thursdays 12:15-1:30

Ages 12 and up (by Jan 1, 2024)

The Ms Frizzle of Public Speaking, Heather Neumann, will lead students through a fun-filled journey on the basics of Public Speaking through Speech (aka Forensics). Students will learn about the different kinds of speaking events and how we use them in everyday life. They will learn how to choose topics, as well as the importance of how to effectively communicate their delivery. Students will be held accountable, stretched, and encouraged. Learning how to become a better communicator is a life skill. Students will have hands-on applications to stretch and grow and learn more about the art of communication. One Semester Class. Minimum 5 students. Students will create and perform speeches and there will be a showcase/tournament at the end of the semester. 

Drama Plus

Fall Play (with some singing) - TBA

Thursdays - 1:30-3:30 

Ages - 12 (by the end of class) and up

A non-audition drama troupe. Dedicated to learning the fundamentals of acting and theater, as well as putting on a performance. 

HS Troubadours Players 

Fall Play (with some singing) - TBA

Fridays 8:30-12:30, and afternoons after 3:15 in Nov.

An audition drama troupe with the emphasis of a fall performance. Students will be expected to come into rehearsals memorized and ready to GO! 

Auditions - June 2023

Performance Week - Nov. 20


Fall One Acts 

Fridays, 12:45-1:30

Ages 13+


This will be small group ensembles, working on one act plays in the fall, and a small performance will be held with minimal set or costumes. Groups will be formed depending on the number of students. Each group will be be working on their one acts under direction of Mrs. Neumann and Mrs. Starfeldt. The goal will be to work on smaller pieces and more individual performance, with perhaps multiple roles. 

Max. 24 students. 

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