Marching Band Music for Printing & Practice

Below is the music for the parade (including cadences). Please print your music and practice it prior to our first rehearsal on Mon, June 6.

  • For Clarinet, Trumpet, and Trombone part assignments, I would like Concert Band students to take the "first" parts (Clarinet 1, Trumpet 1, Trombone 1) and Cadet Band students to take the "second" parts (Clarinet 2, Trumpet 2, Trombone 2).

  • If you have a divided part (divisi) Concert Band students take top, Cadet Band students take bottom notes

  • Parents, please select the part that is comfortable for you to play

  • Percussion: Snare = Bryce, Janessa; Quads = Josie;  Bass Drum = Benjamin, Ethan; Cymbals = Harrison; Bells = Abbey

  • Music will often print with two copies per page. You only need one in your flip folder, but KEEP THE EXTRA.