A foundation in instrumental performance

Unlike public school bands that practice together daily, we hope these musicians will be highly motivated, spending a great deal of time at home practicing, as well as performing for various church, family, and homeschool gatherings.  It is highly recommended that students receive instrument specific private lessons in addition to band class in order to progress quickly.  Integrated into the band instruction, Valley Troubadours hopes to provide music history, theory, and solo/ensemble experience.  

Ensemble Setting:

At band practice, students work together as a group. Students are expected to take personal responsibility for their musical development as part of their homeschooling experience. Daily practice is required and is the only sure means of progressing and improving. While private lessons are not a requirement, they are encouraged, and will generally help students progress faster than those who do not.


All Bands are $100 per semester

Band students will be responsible for purchasing or renting their own instruments, instrument care kits, reeds (if applicable), band method book (Standard of Excellence series), and folding music stand.

BEGINNING BAND (9:45-10:30)

Students age 9 or older

For students who have never played an instrument, or have very little instrumental or ensemble experience.  During the class, students are guided through instrument assembly, disassembly, and care, fingerings, and note and rhythm reading.

CADET BAND (11:15-12:00)

Students 10 or older

This ensemble seeks to further develop technical and expressive capabilities in instrumental performance through intermediate repertoire.

Prerequisite:  Beginning Band

CONCERT BAND (2:15-3:00)

Students 13 or older

For experienced players 13 and older (or by audition) to play challenging literature.  Emphasis on technique, scales, theory, and musicianship.

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