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(ages 8-adult)


Weekly classes: 

Fridays:  9:00-9:45 or



(ages 11-adult)

Weekly classes: 


10:30-11:15 (11+) or

12:00-12:45 (14+)


$80 per student

*Not subject to Family Cap


Adults are welcome!

Learn to play together!

Each student needs a Ukulele or Guitar

Each family would need an Essential Elements Ukulele Book I or Guitar Book I

Playing the Ukulele or Guitar is an enjoyable, easy, and inexpensive way to get involved in music. It provides a way to learn musical concepts and skills that can apply to any instrument you decide to study. Moreover, it will give you a great opportunity to share the joy of making music with other people. Essential Elements will help to provide you with the basic skills and musical background you need to get started. This method emphasizes chord strumming skills; teaching students HOW to practice; note reading exercises; "chord challenges" to learn chord progressions; tab reading; and more. It also includes nearly 30 familiar songs that students can play while still learning. Practice, experiment, and have fun playing the ukulele or guitar!

Additional needs: Electronic tuner (or tuning app)

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